clear your money blocks

Reach your full potential

Let me ask you some questions. Do you feel you deserve to have more money and a better, fulfilled life? Do you feel that you can achieve more in life but don’t know how? Do you switch from one book/course/program to another over and over again always hoping to find the answers to your questions, to get clarity so you can move forward?  I’ve been there too. 


The “why” and “how” questions led me deep into spirituality, psychology, neuroscience, even quantum physics. I gained lots of insights, some diplomas along the way and yet the answers eluded me. It took me lots of time and practices to realize that all the answers are inside me. I am the only one who knows what I really want and I am the only one who can make it happen for me.


For years I was waiting for the knight on a white horse who can save me, show me the way, make things happen for me, hand me all the good things I deserve. When I realized that I was the knight, the wait was finally over! 

Law of Attraction and Life Purpose

I was using the Law of Attraction steps without even knowing about that concept! I was meditating daily for some time when I started to manifest things that I wanted.

And then, when I learned about the concept, I started to use the actual techniques to make things happen faster.


I achieved everything I ever wanted and … I found myself depressed, I didn’t want anything, I lost interest to things completely.


After being depressed on and off for few years, I found the missing piece of lasting happiness.  Then, everything fell into place.


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Law of Attraction and Classical Goal Setting

Why do you need the Law of Attraction if you can just set your goals, break them down into manageable steps to do daily, review them weekly/monthly, adjust if needed and move forward?

Let me start with how I view it. Some Law of Attraction practitioners promote effortless manifestation. You don’t need to do much, just do some manifestation techniques and things will fall into your lap mysteriously. This can happen but only for those who achieve enlightenment. The rest of us need more than just manifestation techniques, we need actually to go out there and do things. At least in my experience with the Law of Attraction.


So, why do we need then the Law of Attraction? The Law of Attraction makes it easier to achieve what we want. Through different practices, we sharpen our intention, raise our vibrations so we shorten significantly our time to manifest what we want. Everything has its own divine timing and divine timing is in fact the vibrational match with the object of our desire. As soon as vibrational match happens, what we want comes to us effortlessly, without struggle. We still have to go and do what needs to be done but we don’t struggle, everything just falls into place.

clear your money blocks