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Let me ask you some questions. Do you feel that you can achieve more in life but don’t know how? Did you switch from one book/course/program to another over and over again always hoping to find the answers to your questions, to know how to achieve what you want? 

I’ve been there too. 


The search for answers led me deep into spirituality, psychology, neuroscience, even quantum physics. I gained lots of insights, some diplomas along the way and yet the answers eluded me. Only through practices such as gratitude, self-reflection, meditation, forgiveness, affirmations and visualizations I realized that all the answers are inside me.


Finding the answers inside is a journey – it is never a destination. A journey that requires discipline to keep going and never giving up. On this journey I grew as a human being, my vibrations changed and I started to attract into my life things I deeply desired. My life changed profoundly.


Looking back I realized I achieved everything I ever wanted. I was following the Law of Attraction steps even without knowing it. After some reflections I was able to re-create the steps I followed. 

Law of Attraction Steps

After reading lots of ancient and modern books on spiritual laws and in particular related to the Law of Attraction, I realized, as I mentioned before,  that I was following the law on subconscious level. 


Some books I read were very deep spiritual texts, very theoretical; others provided a variety of tools and techniques but there was no structured, practical approach that could help practice it on a daily basis. So, I recreated steps that I could consciously follow based on my experience.These steps became my daily Law of Attraction practice routine and I credit them for many things I was able to achieve. 


There are two parts of the Law of Attraction process if you want to achieve your biggest desire, to fulfil your destiny. First is to get clarity. If you don’t know yourself where you stand in life and what you really want you cannot achieve it. You will keep changing things and will never arrive at destination because there is no destination!


Analyze your life and decide what you really want. Do not rush, spend some time on it. At the same time also practice meditation and gratitude to clear your mind and raise your vibrations. This will help you connect to your Higher Self so you can find a goal, a purpose that is right for you. 


After that, you can write your own affirmations, create a vision board, make action plans and take steps towards your goal. While taking the steps towards your goal you must have a daily Law of Attraction practice to ensure you are moving in the right direction.


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Zen Living Journals

It feels good to read about different techniques that can help you achieve your dreams but only by practicing them you will ever reach your desired destination. When you have a structure, a guide that helps you move forward it is much easier to practice. With  Zen Living Journals you can get clarity, keep “good vibes” throughout the day, practice affirmations the right way and get important insights into your life. 


They give you structure and at the same time provide you with space to reflect and practice on your own.  Together with all the resources available on our website, they will guarantee your success in life. 


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Daily Practices

Practices like meditation, self-reflection, gratitude, affirmations and visualizations, forgiveness and others can help you clear your vibrations and attract better things into your life. Highly successful people use these techniques as their secret weapons. Now they are available to all of us who can spare some time during the day to practice them.


Meditation helps clear the mind and for this reason it is the foundation of all other practices. 


Self-reflection and gratitude are powerful practices to bring awareness to what is and supercharge your life. They can help you change your life dramatically. 

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Open your mind to new possibilities through profound spiritual practices.  Give yourself a gift of a lifetime – achieve your full potential.

Everything is possible

Life is full of opportunities but to see them we need clarity. Our minds are always cluttered with insignificant thoughts so to have clarity we need practices that clear the mind. We also need to keep in mind what we really want on a daily basis. 


Practices such as self-reflection, gratitude, forgiveness can help clear the mind. Affirmations and visualizations can cultivate what we want to achieve. But to do all this we need a structured  daily practice which is the key to unlocking unlimited possibilities.


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Linn Bekyan is the founder of She devoted decades of her life to healing her childhood trauma. Linn took numerous courses, got certified, practiced for years and eventually found her way out of pain. She shared some of her life experiences in different blog posts. On her path she accumulated valuable knowledge and experience that help others to transform their lives and achieve what they want. In addition to two academic Master degrees and professional certifications, she also holds diplomas and certifications in spiritual, healing and other disciplines such as Law of Attraction, Yoga, Reiki, NLP, Hypnosis, Nutrition and others.