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3 Different Ways to Practice Gratitude

by Linn

There are different ways to practice gratitude. In this article I describe three of them.

Gratitude Practice 1

Express your gratitude by writing your statements down at a certain times during the day usually in the morning and before you go to sleep. It is better to do it in a journal dedicated to it.

3 Different ways to practice gratitude

These statements can be for some events in the past; for whatever is happening in your life now or if you are practicing the Law of Attraction -for future experiences that are waiting for you. I call the latter one “anticipatory gratitude”.

Zen Living Gratitude journals are ideal for this purpose. You can choose a 90-day journal for a 90-day challenge or as a starter and then, add the three others for a full year or you can opt for the full year one. They have prompts to help you start and keep going and space to write your own thoughts.

Different journals also have other features to help you let go of stress, worries and anxieties so you can be fully present with your practice. Check them by clicking the banner below.

Zen Living Journals

Some examples of gratitude statements would be:

“I am grateful for the house I live in” or “I am grateful for being able to read and write”. Don’t forget to add “thank you” to God, Universe, Your Higher Self, yourself – whatever feels comfortable at the moment.

The gratitude statements don’t need to be complicated, start with simple ones as above.

Gratitude Practice 2

Express gratitude for what’s around you at this moment.

Express gratitude for what's around you at this moment.

This one is also a mindfulness meditation practice. To practice this way you will need to put alarms and reminders at certain points throughout the day so you can stop doing what you’ve been doing and express gratitude in your mind or in writing for whatever is. Note that writing the statements is more powerful than just saying them in your mind.

There is always something to be grateful for. For example, in the office you could say “I am grateful for this job because it pays my bills. Thank you.”

Gratitude Practice 3

This one is a gratitude meditation where you go deeper.

Choose an object in front of you and start expressing gratitude for the ways it serves you. Then, express your gratitude to people who made that object; to the material it is made of and so on and so forth. Slowly your heart will be filled with love and you will find yourself in a positive state of mind.

3 different ways to practice gratitude.

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