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3 Stages of the Law of Attraction

by Linn

Law of Attraction consists of three stages:

  1. We want something
  2. It is given to us by default
  3. Receiving it
3 stages of the Law of Attraction

The promise of the Law of Attraction is that when you desire something it is already given to you; a thought form is created from Formless. “It is given” part of the Law of Attraction is supported by recent scientific research.

Your goal is to know what to ask for and receive it through “becoming a vibrational match” – keeping your mind clear, having predominantly positive thoughts, listening to intuition and taking inspired actions that will eventually bring the thought form into material world.

So as you can see there are two problems, one is asking part and one is receiving.

Speaking from my own experience -if you ask about something that is not aligned with who you are and follow the steps, you will eventually receive it but the result of it can be depression. (Be careful what you wish for is certainly true!)

Receiving is another problem. As it was discussed before, consciously wanting something positive in your life is not enough. How can you have positive experiences if you harbor grievances and grudges, complain frequently and generally in a negative state of mind?

So, the first step is to develop a certain mindset that I call “transformational mindset” by taking full ownership of your mind and embodying the positive outlook.

It can give deep insights, clarity into what you really want so instead of setting dead-end goals accomplishment of which leads to depression, you can set mission-based goals. In mission-based goals the journey becomes as important as destination so life becomes continuous joy.

There is no rush, no impatience, no despair. You just live your life fully, every moment. Slow becomes new fast and joy can be found everywhere because you are joy.

These kind of goals are destined to materialize because they respect the Law and are in accordance with the Divine plans for you.

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