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5 Quick Meditation Practice Tips to Start and Keep Going

by Linn

Below are five quick meditation practice tips that can help you start and keep going.

Quick Meditation Tips: #1 Don’t have time? Start with short meditations

If you don’t have time to meditate, start with short mindfulness meditations. Read the 3 easy meditation techniques for beginners. You can also download the complete guide.

Quick Meditation Tips: #2 Develop a short preparation ritual

Start your morning with a ritual that will inspire you and set the tone for the day. Say powerful affirmations, read few motivational and inspirational quotes, do a quick exercise to wake up your body and let go of stress. This way your mind and body will be ready for meditation. If you have more time you can do yoga before starting the meditation.

Quick Meditation Tips: #3 Think about safety

Think about safety when choosing a place to meditate. The only meditation that is safe to do in public places is mindfulness meditation, one that brings your complete awareness to yourself and your surroundings.

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Quick Meditation Tips: #4 Find a quiet place

Find a quiet place in the beginning. The mind gets distracted easily and then, thoughts start to flow one after another by association. To help yourself in the beginning try to find a quiet place so at least nothing from outside can distract you.

Quick Meditation Tips: #5 Be consistent

Consistency is more important than duration. Ideally, you should do it for 20 min, twice a day but if you can only do it for a shorter time  – it’s OK too. It is better to do it daily than leave it till the weekend and do one long 60-min meditation. Read the 3 easy meditation techniques for beginnersYou can also download the complete guide.

From time to time read about the benefits of meditation to keep you motivated to continue. Once it becomes a habit you will just keep going.

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