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7 Benefits of Meditation

by Linn
7 benefits of meditation

The mind is like water – the calmer it is the better it reflects the reality.

There are many benefits of meditation. In this article I only covered seven of them  – more to come in the future articles.

Benefits of Meditation: #1 Reduces Stress

This one is really big. Stress became a part of our lives. As years go by, with all the advancements in science and technology the level of stress is not decreasing – it goes up.

Life full of stress is the main reason of many diseases. That’s why it is so important to find ways to reduce stress. There are many stress reduction techniques. Meditation is one of them. 

Meditation is a gentle, non-invasive way that helps to transform the mind and develop positivity, peacefulness, ability to see the true nature of things. It helps to calm the mind, create a feeling of profound peace so you stop stressing about things and events that are happening around you.

You develop a constructive attitude to life – if you can change anything you just change it; if you can’t change it, you accept it as what it is right now without any stress or anxiety.

This brings us to the benefit #2.

Benefits of Meditation: #2 Reduces Anxiety

Anxiety is a worry about uncertainties that future holds. Meditation brings your awareness to the present moment thus reducing or even eliminating anxiety. Different meditation techniques can help to reduce anxiety. One of them is mindfulness meditation. It brings you to here and now. And, here and now everything is perfect. No stress, no anxiety.

Another one is transcendental meditation. There is an article published by the Spectrum Local News online about a woman who suffered from anxiety, depression and addiction. She talks about her experience with meditation – how it reduced her anxiety and in general was life changing for her. You can access the article here.

Benefits of meditation: #3 Slows down Ageing

Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn, a cell biologist, discovered that quantity of enzymes that protect our cells increases by 30% as a result of a regular mediation practice. Her research was done on mindfulness meditation.
This is actually as a result of stress reduction.

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Benefits of meditation: #4 Improves the Quality of Sleep

This comes directly from stress and anxiety reduction that follows the regular meditation practice. Quantum physicist John Hagelin, PhD mentions relaxation as one of the many benefits of meditation. Relaxation has numerous benefits and one of them is a better sleep.

Benefits of Meditation: #5 Develops Intuition

Meditation allows us to spend some time with ourselves, to access the powerful resources that we have inside. Among other things it helps to develop intuition.

Why is intuition important? It helps to make better life choices; choices that will benefit all areas of your life. When the mind is quieter it is easier to hear that little guiding voice.

Benefits of Meditation: # 6 Improves Brain Coherence

Research done on the benefits of transcendental meditation showed that after three months of regular meditation practice the whole brain starts functioning coherently. Coherent functioning of the brain results in memory improvement, increased intelligence and creativity.

Benefits of Meditation: #7 Benefits People around You

According to Pema Chödrön, an ordained nun in the Shambhala lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, meditation develops self-compassion. This helps to have true compassion for other beings. Thus, your meditation practice benefits not only you but also all the living beings around you.

7 benefits of meditation

As I mentioned in the beginning of the article these are just few of numerous benefits of a regular meditation practice. But even this short list is enough to understand how important the meditation is. We really have obligation to ourselves and others to start practicing meditation regularly.

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