Linn is a coach specializing in helping her clients to find their own unique ways to make more money and enjoy the process at the same time.
Are you at a stage in your life where you feel you lack direction or purpose? Do you long to figure out what is the next best course of action so that you can pursue the right career or start a business, feel aligned and on track, and have the financial freedom you crave?
If this is you, contact Linn for more info.
In this program you will be able to clear your hidden money blocks and limiting beliefs that are holding you back, finally clarify your life direction and right business or career path for you and create a workable plan to move forward so that each and every day you can feel aligned with your purpose, doing the work you love and making the money you deserve.
Linn has substantial knowledge and experience in many areas including Energy Healing (Reiki, color healing, etc), Yoga, Law of Attraction, Coaching, NLP, Hypnosis, Nutrition and more.
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