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Do Positive Affirmations Work?

by Linn

This is a legitimate question. Before investing our time, energy and money it makes sense to investigate if the system we are after works.

Let’s look at different studies.

do positive affirmations work

Study 1: do positive affirmations work?

This study was published in Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Journal, April 2016 (volume 11, issue 4). They used the magnetic resonance imaging technology to identify changes in the brain that happened as a result of self-affirmation.

They identified that “activity in hypothesized reward/valuation regions are primary pathways associated with self-affirmation. … These neural correlates of self-affirmation were further associated with objectively measured behavior change, suggesting the external validity of the affirmation task.”

Do positive affirmations work? Yes, according to this study there were changes in behavior preceded by changes in neural pathways as a result of repeating affirmations.

Let’s look at another study.

Study 2: do positive affirmations work?

A study conducted by  Dr. Joanne Wood from University of Waterloo, Canada  showed that positive affirmations used by people with low self-esteem made them feel worse not better. 

So, do positive affirmations work? Yes, but…

Before diving into affirmations it is beneficial to examine negative mental programming that drive our lives called limiting beliefs, decisions and fears. You need to bring most of them to the light of your conscious mind and acknowledge them for what they are – limiting beliefs. Only after that you are ready to cultivate positivity and maintain it through different techniques. Positive Affirmations are one of them.

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Study 3: do positive affirmations work?

And lastly, let’s look at another fascinating research conducted by the Japanese researcher and author Dr. Masaru Emoto. He explored how simple words and intention towards water can change water molecules.

Dr. Emoto published numerous photographs of water crystals before the positive messages were projected into water and after; he also photographed the crystals of water when negative messages were projected into it.

It is amazing to see that water in fact is alive and reacts to our intentions, feelings transferred to it. For example, the crystals of water after projecting “love and appreciation” or “thank you” had beautiful symmetric forms as opposed to “you make me sick – I will kill you” which was an ugly formless crystal. You can see these amazing images on YouTube. Just search for ” Dr. Masaru Emoto water images”. He described everything and included lots of photographs in his book “The Hidden Messages in Water”.

How is it related to us? The simple answer is our body is made up of 50-65% of water. Whatever we whisper to ourselves consciously or unconsciously is stored in the body and affects the way we perceive the world.

Positive affirmations are just one of the tools to take control over our negative whispers.

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