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How to practice gratitude: three different levels

by Linn
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There are different levels of gratitude practice. You don’t need to start with level three. As a matter of fact you don’t even need to reach it. It all depends on your goals – what you are trying to achieve. If you are on a spiritual path you will eventually come to level three and practice gratitude on that level.

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Level 1 Gratitude Practice

This is the level when you think about all the good things, things that you enjoy, people that you love, experiences that you want to remember for the rest of your life. This level is all about the pleasant things.

You also start looking at events and things that have nothing to do with you but benefited or can potentially benefit others and express gratitude for those as well.

This is the starting point of practicing gratitude. As you practice gratitude, you slowly change without even noticing it. You become a different, more forgiving person, you start developing compassion and look at things from a different, more spiritual perspective. At this point you naturally advance to level 2.

level 1 gratitude

Level 2 Gratitude Practice

At this level you start looking at many different experiences of your life and start expressing gratitude for some of them. Even though they weren’t pleasant experiences, they taught you something important. So, you are grateful for the lessons learnt that can benefit you going forward.

Remember, at this level you look at slightly unpleasant things, This is not a level to look at painful, traumatic experiences. As a matter of fact I would recommend to go through these experiences with a trained professional only.

Do not practice gratitude for events or people you still have strong negative emotional connection with. This will be highly detrimental for your own well-being. First you need to clear the emotional connection with the help of a therapist and only then you can use those experiences for your gratitude practice if you wish.

Many of us will stop at this level because going any further requires a big shift in the way we look at the world. It requires a spiritual awakening or at least understanding things on a much deeper level.

Level 3 Gratitude Practice

This is the level for highly evolved spiritual beings. Not many people will reach this level or even have a desire to reach it.

If you practice gratitude long enough and, in addition, be involved with other spiritual practices such as meditation, you might reach this level.

At this level you live in a constant state of gratitude for everything. You know what is real and what is not and it helps you to be completely detached from unreality and see it as spiritual lessons only.

You do not have to be at this level as I mentioned before. Some people find it hard to be even at level one!

level 3 gratitude

If you are just starting the gratitude practice all you need is just noticing all the good things you already have and also, have anticipatory gratitude for all the good things that are coming to you. This is the required level for the Law of Attraction to work.

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three levels of gratitude practice

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