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Is Law of Attraction Dangerous?

by Linn
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There is information circulating on the web about the dangers of the Law of Attraction. I want to dispel some myths and then look at the Law of Attraction the way I advocate practicing it.

Dispelling myths and presenting the best way to practice the Law of Attraction

Myth 1. Law of Attraction is dangerous because it is a new theory against the Bible

Let’s start from the beginning. First of all the new thought movement is not new at all – it is almost 200 years old. Second, this movement, among other things popularized spiritual knowledge that existed in ancient Egypt, India and other countries long before the emergence of modern religions. So, these “new thoughts” – the Universe is mental, like attracts like and similar kind of existed from the beginning of times. Thoughts like “Ask and it shall be given” is not an anti-Bible, dangerous thought. On the contrary it is from the Bible.

“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye. shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh. findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.” Matthew 7:7–8 

Myth 1 it is against the Bible

Myth 2. Law of Attraction is dangerous because it promotes laziness

This view is based on the popularized concept of the Law of Attraction rather than its ancient meaning.

In popularized concept you have to do nothing, only raise your vibrations and sit and wait. This is not at all what the Law of Attraction says. In order to receive what you are asking for, you absolutely need to take an action but it is an inspired action that comes from an inner drive to act in a certain way. You may call it guided by intuition or give it another name.

In my own experience only through my actions I achieved what I wanted. I wasn’t just sitting in one corner and raising my vibrations – I was doing things actually to achieve my goal.

I believe that everything has divine timing. When we reach the point of absolute clarity, an unwavering faith comes with it and then, we act with deep conviction that we are achieving what we want. In the language of the Law of Attraction we finally start vibrating at the same frequency as our desire. And then, I have to say it again because it is important, we act and this time everything goes smoothly; everything falls into place in such a way that it is hard not to recognize the divine timing.

The Law of Attraction promotes laziness

Myth 3. Law of Attraction is dangerous because of … unrelated harmful spiritual practices

Some people claim it is dangerous for reasons that do not apply to the Law of Attraction at all. Here is an example of someone on the Internet who meditated for 5-6 hours daily, sometimes taking certain drugs to enhance the experience, opened the third eye, became arrogant to other people who are not awakened yet , started having frightening visions, etc. This is a negative experience, but all of these have nothing to do with the Law of Attraction.

What happened is they tried to awaken spiritually without a teacher, forced open the third eye through harmful practices without grounding and opening the heart chakra (developing compassion) that made them feel superior to others, promoted nightmares and hallucinations. Then, frightened, they stepped back and blamed it all on … the Law of Attraction.

It is a harmful spiritual practice

Myth 4. Law of Attraction is dangerous because it promotes self-blame

There is some truth in it. “Like attracts like” so if I had bad experiences in life it is my fault. But the Law of Attraction doesn’t promote the self-blame. The choice to blame ourselves is our contribution. Let me explain this the way I perceive it.

We all come to this world with certain energetic imprint – you can call it karma if you wish. It is like an initial program we come to this world with. Afterwards, we pick up more programs from our family, school, friends, society, TV shows and movies, books and the list goes on and on. All these programs made us vibrate at a certain frequency.

So, we were born with certain programs; some others were “planted” when we were little without our active involvement; and some more we picked up ourselves from different activities we engaged in. Because of these programs we attracted certain experiences into our lives.

Should we blame ourselves for it? Absolutely not. Blame is in the past where we can’t change anything. The past is gone, it is an illusion.

What should we do then? We should take responsibility for our lives going forward. Taking responsibility is within our control. It is something that we can do here and now. We must take responsibility to change our thoughts, lifestyle, whatever it is, so we will attract better experiences into our lives.

What if something happened to a loved one? It seems completely out of your control. How to take responsibility for that? The only control you have is over your emotions. Get professional help, express your emotions (do not suppress them) and then, you have to accept things as they are and let it go. So, your responsibility in this case is acceptance and letting go. And, by no means I am saying this is easy.

Even if you think you attracted it into your life somehow, remember the karmic imprint you were born with. It is NOT your fault.

On a different note – karma is not a life sentence. Engage in practices that can help you raise your vibrations such as gratitude and meditation; help others; volunteer in charities.

These are topics for endless discussions but I hope I conveyed the essence of it. In short, it is your responsibility to take control of your life and stop blame and self-blame.

Is Law of Attraction dangerous? Myth 4 It promotes self-blame

So, what is the Law of Attraction? Is it dangerous?

The Law of Attraction is similar to gravity. Gravity works all the time whether we are aware of it or not. Being aware of it helps not to engage in harmful practices (such as jumping from prohibited heights).

Law of Attraction works all the time on a spiritual realm. It absolutely works for everyone. It worked for me when I didn’t know anything about it – all I knew was how to raise my vibrations through different practices.

When you are aware of the Law of Attraction you can make it work for you by doing the practices intentionally.

Law of Attraction is not magic – do not try to harm others (remember you always harm yourself eventually through these practices) or bring people from your past. Whatever you wish must be for the benefit of all involved. This is the ethics of all spiritual practices.

Law of Attraction involves lots of work on oneself – clearing the mind on conscious and eventually subconscious levels.

It can be dangerous when you have little selfish desires and do practices with expectation of quick rewards. The danger of this type of practice is that it can lead to depression. 

The best way to practice the Law of Attraction

The Way I Advocate Practicing the Law of Attraction

Get clarity on what you really want – your real deepest desires. Find your mission, if you will, the “why” behind your deepest desires.

Clear your negativity about it – your beliefs, fears; change your habits. Do it one day at a time, continuously (this is similar to the Japanese concept of kaizen – never ending improvement).

Create workable plans (SMART goals) and at the same time trust the Divine timing and let go. “Everything has its own time and time for every purpose is under heaven”. “Divine timing” in the terms of the Law of Attraction is “vibrational match”. The time is right when you vibrationally match your desire.

Engage in daily good vibes practices that scientifically proven to change one’s outlook to life.

Affirm and visualize the end goal (also proven to work by many high achievers).

Do the work required. Do not wait for the knight on white horse – he never arrives – you ARE the knight. Because of your daily practices you will have more clarity on what to do.

Let go. Don’t ask every second “aren’t we there yet”. Enjoy your life here and now.

Do what needs to be done daily – one day at a time. Trust that even failure can be an important stepping stone towards your goal.

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