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The series of articles on meditation that I have here are based on my personal experience as well as on research done on the subject. I’ll add more articles as soon as new information comes to light or I feel compelled to share my new insights into the subject.

My path

I was 13 years old when I discovered Hatha Yoga. The idea of using energy flow in the body along with physical exercise was mesmerizing.

I started practicing it using written descriptions only – no colorful magazines and websites with pictures and videos – nothing, just typewritten description of poses in a manuscript smuggled into Soviet Union by a Russian professor who visited India and was introduced to Yoga.

I didn’t practice it regularly, however. First, it was hard to get the poses right – I was never sure I was doing them correctly. Second, usually when the novelty wears off motivation goes down and I didn’t have all the tools and techniques I have now to keep me going 🙂

Few years later, when I was 19, I discovered the concept of Spirit and Higher Self through an amazing book “Light on the Path”. Finding this book was an important turning point in my life. For the first time I realized who I really was. It gave me inner strength and helped me ground my energy.

After the crash of Soviet Union many pre-revolution spiritual books started to re-appear and among them were books on yoga. Also, other books on yoga started to get published – with pictures, so I was able to restart my yoga practice that included Pranayama, the Yogic breathing exercises that are meditative in nature. But even after that I still didn’t know anything about meditation practice.

I started practicing meditation in 1989 when Transcendental Meditation teachers from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Institute in USA arrived to my country a few months after we were badly hit by an earthquake. I remember the advertisement for it – the way we perceived it – as a panacea for all diseases.

I went to the introductory session after which all of us who wanted to continue were given a special mantra by our teacher and as far as I remember a piece of white cloth that I couldn’t understand the meaning of (still don’t). It all felt strange. 

And yet, I decided to give it a try and was going to weekly gatherings with the teachers where we could ask any questions we had. It helped my meditation practice tremendously.

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My meditation practice

I was meditating twice a day for 20 minutes and after each meditation period I felt static electricity in my hands and sometimes couldn’t touch a metallic object without mild “electric shock”. It was kind of side effect that lasted for some time – some kind of “excess” energy.

The interesting thing I noticed few months later was that I, usually very sensitive, started not to pay attention to any negativity directed towards me. I had a feeling that there is a protective invisible shield around my heart that doesn’t let any negativity through. It was a perfect proof for me that meditation works. I got hooked. Meditation became an important part of my daily routine.

Through the years I tried other types of meditation – some of them I described in the article “7 Different Types of Meditation”.

Below is the list of current articles on meditation:

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