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Reflective Meditation

by Linn

Reflective meditation or quotes to reflect upon is an excellent way to get perspective on life, to get a deeper understanding of reality and interconnection of things. 

Note that not every single quote will appeal to you – you will be attracted to ones that have something to tell you at this particular moment. Come back to ones that you don’t like some time later and see if your perception changed.

1. Mind is like water

Mind is like water – the quieter it is the better it reflects the reality.

Linn Bekyan

Meditation helps to quiet the mind and when our “chatterbox” is quiet we can look at the world and ourselves with a new, deeper understanding. 

2. Rise above the noise

Rise above the noise to get the right perspective.

Linn Bekyan

I took this picture from the airplane when we were flying over Alps. It’s a completely different view from above. You are not stuck with mountain slopes and valleys, rivers and villages – you see them all. You also see them in relation to each other. You can plan ahead your crossings and see where to start.

This is what happens when we rise above our busy schedules; everything we need to do. If we don’t rise sometimes to get a better view we get stuck in daily repetitive tasks that become meaningless with time. Only by rising above everything starts making more sense.

Whenever we lose motivation doing everyday chores it is a good idea to stop, distance ourselves from everything and look at a bigger picture.

3. Go beyond the thorns 

Beyond the thorns lies the extraordinary.

Linn Bekyan

Beyond the thorns

This is the picture of Lake Sevan in Armenia. I liked the brown thorns on the blue background of this beautiful lake. I had to climb a hill with thorns on both sides of the path before this magnificent view opened in front of me.

It reminded me of our path when we go after an extraordinary goal. How easy it is to give up as soon as “thorns” show up our way.

Do you think that everything will work out as you planned? 
No matter how well you plan, things will go wrong from time to time.

Do you think everybody will like you when you go out there and just be yourself ?  Hardly, you can never please everybody. Just let it go. Do whatever you need to do. You are on a mission. There are people who need your help. Push it a little bit more. Go forward. Eventually the extraordinary view will open in front of you.

4. An act of kindness

An act of kindness creates a ripple effect.

Linn Bekyan

This photo is taken in Grado, Italy. Sun is like a magnificent golden ball. Surrounded by golden aura it generously endows the sea with its treasures. Its reflection travels far beyond the original one.

An act of kindness we are compelled to do towards another can result in a series of positive events that we cannot even imagine. Eventually, it will have a snowball effect – everything will come back to you magnified.

Also, don’t forget to be kind towards yourself. This is where the kindness towards the world starts.

Some of these quotes are from the volume I of  “Reflecting on moments: a meditation photo journal”.

Which one is your most favorite one? Which one you didn’t like? Make sure to come back to it some time later.

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