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The Law of Attraction and Clarity

by Linn

Do we need clarity on what we want for The Law of Attraction to work? The answer is no. The Law of Attraction always works whether we are clear on what we want or not. It is a vibrational law similar to the laws of nature, such as gravity, that always works whether we are aware of it or not.

The Law of attraction and Clarity.

Continuing with the gravity analogy, when we are aware of it, we can use it to work for us. Considering that the Law of Attraction always works, isn’t it better to attract, bring into our lives things that we deeply desire, to make it work for us? To do this we need to know ourselves, where we are and where we want to be.

The Law of Attraction and Clarity

In this process it is absolutely essential to be honest and give yourself some time to really understand what you want in life. This is not a school project that you want to finish in one hour. At the same time give it a deadline so it will not take forever. One to two weeks of thoughtful analysis using questions/prompts is probably enough for most people.

The problem with this process is that it is easy to get stuck. The thoughts like “I wish I knew what I really want” or “what I want is impossible to achieve” or similar are really self-limiting programs. Write them all down. They can help you later on to develop your own affirmations or you can use them for EFT tapping or anything else you use to let go of limiting beliefs.

Move forward with questions, meditate, later on you can come back to these questions with more clarity. Always start this process with a meditation to clear your mind.

Clarity is the first step to move forward. Visit Zen Living Amazon page today to get the “37 Powerful Prompts to Transform Your Life”.

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Let’s look at some questions/prompts to help you get started.

Powerful Prompts. Clarity for the Law of Attraction.

Let’s look at the first 6 prompts.

Prompt 1. What is your current situation in life? What do you love about it? What do you hate about it?

Consider everything in your life for this question: finances, relationship, work, business, hobbies, even if things work fine in those areas. As I mentioned before honesty is essential.

Prompt 2. What change do you need to introduce to have a perfect life?

Write different options down even if you think some of them are impossible to achieve. You can choose between alternatives later on.

Prompt 3. What can you learn from your current situation?

There is always something to learn. The sooner you see and accept it, the sooner you can see changes happening.

Prompt 4. What is one most important thing that if you change it anything else will fall into place? If you come up with more than one – choose one that is the most important. Can you change it now? If not, why.

This one can bring up limiting beliefs and fears. Write them all down to use in re-programming processes.

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Prompt 5. What are your strengths? List at least 3 of them.

You usually underestimate yourself so it is good from time to time to remind yourself the strengths you have. Strengths form the foundation to move forward in life – you need to know yours.

You probably guessed what the next prompt is.

Prompt 6. What are your weaknesses? List as many as you can come up with.

Why do you need to concentrate on your weaknesses? Isn’t it disempowering? First of all probably half of the “weaknesses” you consider here are just your impressions, another way to put yourself down. This way you can find more limiting beliefs. Second, you’ll be able to identify “legitimate” weaknesses to work on later. So overall, this is a process that leads to empowering. The important point is also to distinguish between limiting beliefs and “legitimate” weaknesses.

Powerful Prompts. Clarity for the Law of Attraction

As you can see only by reading them your mind starts racing, trying to understand things in your life, going deeper inside. If you are serious about this process, get one of our journals, the “37 Powerful Prompts to Transform Your Life” from Amazon today.

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