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The Law of Attraction Practice

by Linn
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I recently read a nice article about the Law of Attraction practice that covered lots of stuff, pretty much everything we know about it. At the end something was mentioned that absolutely surprised me.

It said something along the lines “your desire is in competition with other people’s desires” which cannot be further from truth. If you believe in unlimited abundance available to everyone which is the fundamental premise of the Law of Attraction, you will never mention the word “competition” in relationship to it.

There is no competition as far as we are talking about Universe and the Law of Attraction. Everything is in abundance, in void, waiting to come to your life when you are vibrationally ready.

The reason I started this post with debunking another myth is because this is the foundation of all practices. If you think the resources are limited and you are in competition with others, it means you have a scarcity mindset and according to the Law of Attraction you will attract more scarcity.

So, always start the practices with the unwavering faith that Universe is abundant and concentrate on bettering your own life instead of comparing yourself to others.

The Law of Attraction Practice tips

Law of Attraction Practice 1. Get Clarity

I spoke about clarity multiple times on this blog. Without clarity you cannot even order pizza never mind achieving anything significant. You have to know what you want to achieve. Remember, “be careful what you wish for”, literally, because if you don’t think things through, you will still attract what you want but it will not lead to any satisfaction. In my experience it lead to depression.

The Law of Attraction Tip 1: Get Claroty

So, when I say get clarity I mean examine deeply who you are, where you are – your achievements up to date, your starting point and what you want. The best way to do this is with prompts. Try our “37 Powerful Prompts to Transform Your Life” available on Amazon.

Law of Attraction Practice 2. Raise Your Vibrations

This step and the next one need to be done simultaneously. So you raise your vibrations and at the same time take steps to achieve your dream.

Raise your vibrations is a broad term that means addressing fears, self-sabotaging behaviours, limiting beliefs. There are many techniques and practices that can help achieve that. The most popular ones are gratitude, affirmations and visualizations, meditation and mindfulness.

Do the following exercise to raise your vibrations quickly:

Look around and choose an object. Think of the ways it serves you and express your gratitude for it. Express your gratitude to the whole supply chain (manufacturer, retailer, etc.). If it is a gift, express your gratitude to the person who gave it to you.

This exercise is very short and will change how you feel right away.

The Law of Attraction Practice Tip 2: Raise Your Vibrations

Law of Attraction Practice 3. Plan to achieve

This is a fairly big topic by itself so I’ll provide just a quick summary:

You have to treat your dream as a goal meaning it needs to have deadlines, milestones, short-term and long-term view. You also need to manage your projects, manage your time, upgrade your skills if necessary.

At the same time as I mentioned in the previous point you need to do the clearing practices. They can help you make better decisions through accessing your inner wisdom.

The Law of Attraction Practice Tip 3: plan to achieve

Law of Attraction Practice 4. Take good care of yourself

I think this is pretty straightforward. I assume you want to enjoy your dreams in good health. What’s the point of achieving your dreams if you get sick in the process? It is important that you take good care of yourself while working on your dreams.

Good care includes healthy nutrition, exercise routine, rest and relaxation, little indulgences such as taking an aromatic foam bath with essential oils, facial care using rich homemade facial masks, etc.

The Law of Attraction Tip 4: Take Good care of Yourself

Law of Attraction Practice 5. Enjoy your life here and now

If you are waiting to be happy when you achieve your dream, I want to disappoint you – you will keep waiting. Like attracts like. The Law of Attraction will ensure you’ll get more waiting.

You have to enjoy what you are doing here and now. That’s why you start with clarity so you can find what you really want and then, working on it will make you happy, give you pleasure, here and now.

The happier you are, the more good experiences will come into your life.

The Law of Attraction practice tip 5

Law of Attraction Practice: Caution

Do not use positive practices to cover up bad relationships and other negative experiences. If something is not working, if you feel unhappy in a situation where other people are involved, I encourage you to start with positive practices to see what happens. Sometimes all you need is a changed perspective or attitude.

However, if this doesn’t work, you have to take actions that will take you out of that situation. Get clarity on how you want to proceed, continue with your positive practices and make a workable plan to leave the unsatisfactory conditions.

The Law of Attraction practice - caution

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