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The Law of Attraction with Water

by Linn
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Saying words of gratitude or a prayer before having one’s food and drinks is an ancient tradition that is present in many religions. But it is one thing to do it mechanically and completely different understanding the power of it and doing intentionally.

1. The Law of Attraction With Water: Positive Affirmations and Gratitude

I covered this topic in another article about affirmations entitled Do Positive Affirmations Work. Here is an excerpt from it for your convenience:

“Dr. Emoto published numerous photographs of water crystals before the positive messages were projected into water and after; he also photographed the crystals of water when negative messages were projected into it.

It is amazing to see that water in fact is alive and reacts to our intentions, feelings transferred to it. For example, the crystals of water after projecting “love and appreciation” or “thank you” had beautiful symmetric forms as opposed to “you make me sick – I will kill you” which was an ugly formless crystal. You can see these amazing images on YouTube. Just search for ”Dr. Masaru Emoto water images”. He described everything and included lots of photographs in his book “The Hidden Messages in Water”.

How is it related to us? The simple answer is our body is made up of 50-65% of water. Whatever we whisper to ourselves consciously or unconsciously is stored in the body and affects the way we perceive the world.”

Positive affirmations and gratitude are tools you can use to take control over your negative whispers by “re-programming” the water inside you.

The Law of Attraction with Water: Positive Affirmations and Gratitude

2. The Law of Attraction With Water: Energizing the Water

Energizing the water before drinking it can help you clear negativity and raise your vibrations. You can energize water with a prayer, sacred music, any energy healing technique such as Reiki, a mandala or a symbol. The important thing is your belief and intention. If you do it because someone else told you to do so – it won’t work. You need to have a firm belief and intention for this to work.

LOA: Energizing the water

3. The Law of Attraction With Water: Transferring Your Intentions to Water

It is better to do meditation to clear your mind before doing this so your intentions will be as clear as possible and come from the place of love.

After meditation, put a glass filled with water in front of you. Visualize vividly what you want, feel the love in your heart and visualize that the love in your heart along with your desire is transferred to water.

Say to yourself: “What I want is finding its way to me for the benefit of all people involved”.

Slowly drink the water knowing that your heart’s desire is manifesting for you in the best possible way.

Law of Attraction and Water Transferring Your Intentions

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4. The Law of Attraction With Water: Two Cups Method

I accidentally stumbled upon this method on Reddit fairly recently. Then, I found a couple of articles about it on some reputable sites. I hope this will work for you. I haven’t tried it yet but I will and will share my experience afterwards.

This method is similar to the one above. In this case you have two cups. One is filled with amount of water you are capable to drink in one go, the second cup is empty. Label the first cup (just attach a sticky note to it) with your current unsatisfactory situation (overweight, don’t have enough money, need a loving relationship, etc).

Label the second cup the way you want things to be. Make sure whatever you want is stated in positive terms just like a regular affirmation (I am slim, have lots of money, in a loving relationship, etc). Use words that are right for you.

Look at the first cup, feel your current situation. Then, pour the water into the second cup and feel how burdens are being lifted from your shoulders. Now look at the second cup filled with water and labelled with your desire and feel the joy of dream coming true. Slowly drink the water. That’s it.

This method is also called “quantum jumping” because of its ability to change your reality fairly quickly.

The Law of Attraction with water: two cups method

For all the methods described above, you must let go afterwards. Take an inspired action if anything comes to your mind, otherwise just let it be. Leave it alone. This is very important. See yourself as a gardener who just planted the seeds. Gardener doesn’t dig his seeds up every second to see whether they are growing or not. He knows things will grow at the right time.

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Now, every time you drink water or eat, say some words of gratitude or a positive affirmation or a prayer to recharge it. Do it intentionally knowing the real power of it.

The Law of Attraction and Water

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