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Using the Law of Attraction for Money

by Linn
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Many people are interested in using the Law of Attraction to manifest money. This is not surprising – we all need money to survive.

When I checked the Internet to see what is available online on this topic I noticed that it is widely recommended to practice “as if” you already have all the money you need by doing the following exercises – going window shopping, doing mental money spending exercises or writing in your journal how you can spend huge amounts of money daily.

Warning: do not engage in these practices if you are prone to depression, have low self-esteem and your self-confidence is low.

This type of practices will make you feel worse; you will feel depressed very quickly. First, you will be very excited by them, but shortly afterwards, when you realize that days and weeks went by without any changes in your financial situation you will hit the rock bottom.

There is another, effective way to do “as if”. See below the three tips on how to start the Law of Attraction for money and practically anything else the right way – “as if” is one of them:

law of attraction with money 1

Law of Attraction for Money: why do you want money

Ask yourself why do you want money, for what purposes? I could safely say that the majority of people don’t want money for the sake of having money.

Usually we want money to spend it on something that matters to us. It can be helping the people we love, buying that dream house, travelling, helping a cause that matters to us and so on.

You need to know why you want the money because things that you want could come to you in many different ways. For example, you can help people without having money by volunteering your time, inherit a house of your dreams and receive an all-expenses-paid travel invitation from a friend or a family member (things can happen – you never know :)). So, do not concentrate on having the money, concentrate on what you want to do with the money -visualize the house of your dreams, the travel destinations, joy of people you helped, etc. How does it make you feel? Concentrate on these good feelings.

LOA for money2

Law of Attraction for Money: practice “as if” the right way

Visualize who you will become when you achieve your goals. What habits will you have? List them one by one and start practicing them daily. Check out the Habit Tracker from Zen Living Journals on Amazon:

Habit Tracker  Zen Living Journals

This is the best “as if” practice. By doing this you will actually become that person (future you) who has everything you need right now. So, the Law of Attraction will bring you all the things you desire according to the principle “like attracts like”. You will get hunches, take inspired actions, meet the right people, be in the right place at the right time, etc.

LOA for money 3

Law of Attraction for Money: positive daily practices done the right way

Affirmations and visualizations can also become sources of depression for the same reason discussed above. Check also the post Do Positive Affirmations Work. So, do not start with them right away.

Instead, start with meditation and gratitude. Meditation is detachment, coming back to present moment, getting perspective on life, letting go. Letting go is one of the important requirements of the Law of Attraction. Only by letting go and staying present and positive in the moment you can attract what you want.

Gratitude will help you stay positive in the moment. You express appreciation for everything you already have – nothing to get depressed about – you already have it, and then, when you feel better, you can start expressing gratitude for all the good things that you know are coming into your life.

LOA for money 4

Only after practicing meditation and gratitude for a while you can start with regular affirmation practice.

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