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Zen Living Gratitude Journals

by Linn

Gratitude journals are not a new concept but recently they became very popular perhaps with popularisation of the Law of Attraction.

The concept is easy. You just express your gratitude for small and big things daily and with consistent practice it clears your mind of negativity and provides other numerous benefits some of which are discussed in “5 Benefits of Gratitude Practice”.

The practice as we can see is simple. However, simple doesn’t mean easy. We have powerful habits that drive our lives. That’s why we cannot find time for 5-minutes gratitude practice but we can find 30 minutes for a TV show.

Here comes the structure; structure of ready-made gratitude journals that tell you when to do what and how.


Zen Living Journals are designed to satisfy different needs. Some are ideal for 90-day challenges; others are designed for an entire year; and some have additional features built-in into them to help you clear your mind before starting reflecting on the longer, weekly prompts.

Our recent 90-day gratitude journals have vibrant modern matte cover with white paper and easy-to-carry 5.5″x 8.5″ size. They all have different weekly prompts and lots of space to reflect upon your day during the week and also a space for a lengthier weekly reflection. So, you have freedom and structure at the same time.

Every week you are introduced to a new gratitude quote for a deeper insight into the concept.

The four journals together cover the entire year. Ideal present for yourself and someone you love.

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Zen Living Journals

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